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STIHL is the name for quality – the primary reason being the sophisticated engineering that goes into every machine, down to the last detail. As a domestic or professional user, you look for machines which provide performance, reliability and efficiency, together with a full back-up service. STIHL's continued product development, utilising cutting edge design and technology, continues to focus on delivering in these areas.


KM 56 RC-E Kombi

Displacement - 27.2cc
Power Output - 0.8kw
Weight - 4.3kg

Domestic multi tool system


KM 94 RC-E Kombi

Displacement - 24.1cc
Power Output - 0.9kw
Weight - 4.0kg

Powerful but lightweight


KM 131 R Kombi

Displacement - 36.3cc
Power Output - 1.4kw
Weight - 4.6kg

Professional multi tool system


Kombi Tools

Expand your system at any time by adding more Kombi tool attachments.

Large range in store


MM55 MultiSystem

Displacement - 27.2cc
Power Output - 0.75kw
Weight - 7.9kg

Powerful drive compact frame


Multi System Tools

With all the tailor-made STIHL MultiTools you can change jobs quickly and easily.

Lawn and garden perfection


SEA 20 Battery Vacuum

Stihl's first handheld battery vacuum.
AI battery system - 10.8 volts
Weight - 1.1kg
Run time - up to 14 minutes.
Lightweight & powerful battery hand vacuum cleaner.
Fixed trigger for continuous operation.
Versatile thank to extensive accessories.
2-stage air filtration system with washable pre-filter.
Easy emptying & cleaning.


SE 33 Vacuum

Max Capacity P(max) W - 1.400
Suck Volume l/min - 3.600
Weight - 5.4kg

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner


SE 62 Vacuum

Max Capacity P(max) W - 1.400
Suck Volume l/min - 3.600
Weight - 7.5kg

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner


SE 122 Vacuum

Max Capacity P(max) W - 1.500
Suck Volume l/min - 3.700
Weight - 10kg

Pro wet & dry vacuum cleaner


SE 133 M-E

Max Capacity P(max)W 1.400
Suck Volume l/m - 4500
Weight - 16kg

Wet-Dry and Dust extractor


Stihl ME Vac Dust extractor

Can be used with the TSA 230 Cutquik

An other great STIHL product


KG 550 Sweeper

Sweeping width - 55cm
Container capacity - 25L
Weight - 6.0kg

Ideal for domestic users


KG 770 Sweeper

Sweeping width -77cm
Container capacity - 50L
Weight - 13.0kg

Commercial quality sweeper


KGA 770 Sweeper

Sweeping width -77cm
Container capacity - 50L
Runtime with AP180 - 180mins

Battery powered pro sweeper


BT 45 Petrol Drill

Displacement - 27.2cc
Power Output kW - 0.8
Weight - 4.8kg

Ideal for farming & commercial


BT131 Earth Auger

Displacement - 36.3c
Powerful 4-MIX engine
Power Output kW/hp - 1.4/1.9
Weight - 10kg

One-Person Earth Auger


Auger accessories

Planting auger 260mm
Earth augers from 40 to 200mm
Earth auger bits tips
Shaft extension 450 to 1000mm


Hand Tools

STIHL hand tools - the same high design & production standards as all our other products.

Quality build and design


TS420 Cuttoff Saw

Displacement - 66.7cc
Power Output kW/bhp - 3.2/4.4
Weight - 9.7kg
Cutt-Off Wheel - 350mm

Compact and robust


TS440 Quickstop

Displacement - 66.7cc
Power Output kW/bhp - 3.2/4.4
Weight - 11.1kg
Cutt-Off Wheel - 350mm

First Cutquik saw with Quickstop


TS500i Cuttoff Saw

Displacement - 72.2c
Power Output kW/bhp - 3.9/5.3
Weight - 10.2kg
Cutt-Off Wheel - 350mm

Electronic fuel injection


TS700 Cuttoff Saw

Displacement - 98.5cc
Power Output kW/bhp - 5.0/6.8
Weight - 11.7kg
Cutt-Off Wheel - 350mm

Powerful 5kW motor


TS800 Cuttoff Saw

Displacement - 98.5cc
Weight 12.7 kg
Power Output kW/bhp - 5.0/6.8
Cutt-Off Wheel - 418mm

Our most powerful cutoff saw


TSA230 Cordless

Recommended Battery - AP300
Weight 3.9 kg
Max cutting depth - 70mm
Cutt-Off Wheel - 230mm

Cordless cut off saw


GS461 Cutter

Displacement - 76.5cc
Power Output kW/bhp - 4.3/5.8
Weight - 7.6kg

Chainsaw concrete cutter


Stihl FW 20 Cart

To suite Model TS420/500i/ 700 and 800

For exact edges over long cuts

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