Chipper And Shredders

STIHL Shop Port Macquarie keep or have access to a large range of high-performance and built tough chipper shredders to suit your domestic and commercial needs. Turn prunings, dropped branches, palm fronds, leaves, bark, paper, cardboard, hay, dried manure and kitchen waste into valuable mulch for your garden. We also offer a large range of garden accessories as well as spare parts and a factory trained service department.


Hansa C4

Engine - Honda GX160
Chips up to dia - 40mm
Other - 3,600rpm disc speed

Ideal domestic chipper


Hansa C5

Engine - Honda GP200 6.5HP/4.9kW
Max Chip Capacity 60mm
3.1L fuel tank

Ideal domestic chipper


Hansa C7

Engine - Honda GX200
Chips up to dia - 65mm
Other- Heavy duty blades

Great for acreage owners


Hansa C13

Engine - Honda GX390
Chips up to dia - 90mm
Other- Twin belt drive

Also C13PTO tractor power


Hansa C16

Engine - 16HP V-Twin
Chips up to dia - 110mm
Other- 1.5m discharge height

Ideal for garden contractors


Hansa C21

Engine - Honda 21hp GX360
Chips up to dia - 140mm
Other- 360° discharge deflector

Hansa's Top Model


Deutscher 650

Engine - Intek 60 or GX200
Chips up to dia - 65mm
Other- Australian made

Two engine options available


Deutscher 750

Engine - B&S 6hp or Honda GX 200
Chips up to dia - 65mm
Chips palm frons easily
Australian made

Garden waste mulcher


Rover 3" Chipper-Shredder

Engine - B&S 205cc
Chips up to dia - 80mm
Other- 2 blades 12 flails

Great domestic chipper


Rover 2" Chipper-Shredder

Engine - B&S 205cc
Chips up to dia - 50mm
Other- 2 steel blades

Garden waste mulcher


Rover CSV

Engine - Rover 159
Chips up to dia - 40mm
Other- 88 litre bag

Chipper - Shredder - Vacuum


Rover CSV 206

Engine - B&S 205cc
Chips up to dia - 80mm
Other- 106 litre bag

Chipper - Shredder - Vacuum


Cox Superchipper

Engine - B&S or Honda
Chips up to dia - 65mm
Other- 2 engine options

Garden mulcher


Cox Piecemaker

Engine - Cox 225 Series
Chips up to dia - 40mm

A convenient push-button easy-start alongside a recoil pull start combo.

vert chip

Cox Vertical Chipper

Engine - 6.5hp or 13.5hp Briggs & Stratton
Chips up to dia - 75mm/3" / 100mm/4"

Electric start on both engines.

Vertical Woodchippers are compact, durable and powerful machines suitable for keen gardeners wanting quality mulch.


Stihl GHE 135L

Stihl's silent garden shredder
40rpm nominal speed
Reversible roller action
2300 w motor
60litre shredder box

Low noise and self feeding 


Stihl GHE 105

Stihl garden shredder with the
versatile Multi-Cut 103 blade system
Chips up to - 35mm
2800 rpm
2200 W

Garden Shredder


Stihl GHE 150

STIHL Garden Shredder
2800rpm - 2500W
Chips up to dia - 35mm
Cutting Tool - Multi cut 150

For effortless feeding

ghe 250s

Stihl GHE 250 S

Stihl garden shredder
Chips up to dia - 35mm
2800 rpm - 2500W
Cutting Tool - Multi cut 150

Garden Shredder 

GHE 355

Stihl GHE 355

Stihl Garden Shredder
Shreds branches up to dia - 35mm
2750 rpm - 2500W
Cutting Tool - Multi cut 355

Garden Shredder 


Stihl Garden Shredders

STIHL Garden Shredders are easy and safe to operate
You produce your own fertiliser
Electromechanical safety locking
Lightweight Polymer housing

Always an asset


Shredder Mechanism

Sandwich-type blades
Material is shredded perfectly

Domestic Shredders for you


Protective wear

STIHL's range of protective wear offers complete protection and comfort. Huge range in stock.

Domestic to commercial PPE

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